How to Make a Reservation

1. Booking terms and conditions 

Booking terms and condition means general and special agreement between Ashmita trek and tours and the clients. It is very important in business system to go systematically. It is must necessary that the clients should know the term and conditions of that company before conform the trip. The terms are sets of regulation that the client must agree to follow in order to use online services. 

2. Booking and payment 

A client can book the trip when you receive company final conformation email or invoices only acceptable. When you confirmed trip, we require photo copy of your passport/India Visa for the foreign client valid ID proof for the Domestic Clint and 25% per cent booking a trip payment is not refunded if the trip is cancelled. This ensures your booking and confirms reservation in hotels trekking and tours and permit process as per the company policy. 

3. Mode of payment :

A Client can make the payment  by the bank transfer or Paypal 

Bank Transfer details: 

Name of the Account Holder : ASHMITA TREK AND TOURS

Account Number : 088301601000146 

Account Type : Current 

Paying Bank : Corporation bank of India (Darjeeling branch) 

Bank Address : LADENLA ROAD  Darjeeling branch

Bank Telephone No : 0354-2259540 

Swift Code : CORPINBB883

IFSC Code : CORP0000883 

Branch Code : 883

Bank Ph. +91 0354 2256818 

Peyment by Paypal - Our Paypal Account adress is 

4. Please note Bank and Paypal service charge should be paid by the clients themselves at the time of deposit. 

5. After receiving photo copy of your passport, and 25% advance money form you, we will send you the final trip confirmation later with receipt. 

6. Remaining balance can be made before one weeks your trip departure be mindful, we also reserve the right to cancel your trip provided full amount is not paid in time. 

7. Trip cancellation policy by the clients :  If a client want to cancel  the trip including prior booked trek, tours and hotels, as prior diposit 25% per cent booking a trip payment is not refunded if they cancelled the trip. This ensures your booking and confirms reservation in hotels trekking and tours and permit process as per the company policy. 

8. Cancellation by the company : 

Our Company shall have the right to cancelled the trip if there is unnecessary circumstances arises like natural calamities, strikes any other obstacle occurrences. If this happens we charge only bank diposit charge of your advanced money will refund or the trip will be postponed. If the Client is not able to do trek or tours according to his/her own problem our company is not responsible. 

9. Passport and visa : 

An international client must be ensuring to have valid passport,visa and for domestic client have must bring their valid ID proof while travelling with our company. Company is not responsible for any incorrect or invalid DOCUMENTS if you are not allow passing the country or refuse to inter into places due to such reasons. 

10. Risk & Liabilities :

We are committed to providing the best services which will give you a once in a life time journey in this connection, we perform our duties honestly & seriously to make your journey very smooth & pleasant. However, the entire program in Darjeeling, Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan are conducted strictly under the rules and regulations applicable in each area. Therefore, Ashmita trek and Tours Company shall not be responsible for any changes in the itinerary due to unavoidable circumstances such as govt. restriction, landslide, road blockage flood, snowfall or political unrest or flight delay, client sickness or accident.

11. Travel Insurance : 

Travel insurance is mandatory for all clients. Before the client commences a tour he or she must arrange his or her insurance with a reputable insurer, with protection for the full duration of the tour, to cover personal injury, medical expenses, emergency helicopter expenses, repatriation expenses, loss of luggage and the expenses associated with cancellation or curtailment or a tour. If a client becomes ill, all hospital expenses, doctor’s fees and repatriation costs are the client’s responsibilities and the company shall not be liable for any refund of the tour cost. 

12. Health and fitness :

All tour and treks in Darjeeling and Sikkim demand a sufficient level of fitness, therefore you should check with your doctor concerning your health and fitness before preceding your journey. You have any pre existing medical condition or disability you might increase the risk of you requiring medical attention you need to inform toAshmita Trek and Tours. this may also hamper your ability to travel. 

13. Personal loss or damage : 

Ashmita Trek and Tours are not at all responsible for any possible loss or damage of luggage, video camera,passport or personal belongings as it is the responsibility of clients to take care of their own personal properties. 

14. Refund Cancellation:

If you cancel your trip or change the itinerary before or during the trek Ashmita trek will not been liable to refund the money because all the booking and procedures have already been made for you. VISITOR’S ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISKS Name (Last, First,M.I)________________________________________Phone No.______________ Address (Street,City,state &Zip)________________________________________________________ I agree as follows: Ashmita doesn’t want to frighten me or reduce my enthusiasm for this activity, but believe it is important for me to know in advance what to expect and to be informed of these inherent risks. I am aware that this activity entails of risks of injury or death to any participant. I understand the Description of this inherent risk is not complete and that the other unknown or other unanticipated risks may result in injury or death. I agree to assume and accept full responsibility for the inherent risks and not specifically identified. My participation in this activity is purely voluntary, no one is forcing me to participate and I elect to participate in spit and with full knowledge of the inherent risks. I acknowledge that engaging in the activity may require a degree and skill and knowledge of different from other activities. I acknowledge that that I have responsibility as a participant. I acknowledge that the staffs of Ashmita has been available to explain more fully to me the nature and physical demands of this activity and inherent risks, hazards and danger associated with this activity. I certified that I am fully capable of participating in these activities. I ASSUME AND ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR MYSELF FOR BODILY INJURY,DEATH OR LOSS OR PERSONAL PROPERTY AND EXPENSES AS A RESULT OF THOSE INHERENT RISKS AND DANGER AND ANY DANGERS NOT SPECIFICALLY IDENTIFIED, AND AS A RESULT OF MY NEGLIGENCE IN PARTICIPATING IN THIS ACTIVITIES. I ASSUME AND ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL MINOR CHILDREN IN MY CARE,CUSTODY AND CONTROL FOR BODILY INJURY,HEALTH OR LOSS OF PERSONAL PROPERTY AND EXPENSES AND DANGERS IDENTIFIED HEREIN,AND THOSE RISKS AND DANGERS NOT SPECIFICALLY IDENTIFIED,AS A RESULT OF SUCH MINOR CHILDREN’SNEGLIGENCE IN PARTICIPATING IN THESE ACTIVITIES. By signing below I am certifying that I have carefully read, clearly understand and accept ALL the terms and conditions stated herein and acknowledge shall be effected and binding upon myself, my heirs, assigns, personal representative and estate for all members of my family including minor children. _________________________ Signature If you have any other queries, please feel free to >>   Contact 

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