Sikkim Goechala trekking

Sikkim Goecha La trek is a highest mountain pass a naturalist's paradise and a pleasing destination shown as a crown of the Sikkim situated at Himalayan range in India. (Elevation (5,000m or 16,404ft) This is the summit from where everyone can able to viewed Mt. Kanchenjunga, the world's third highest mountain; Goechala Pass is dream, desire and amazing trekking destination that is loved by traveller to summit. It is not about Kanchenjunga alone can seen but the combination of other big summits around it makes Goechala Trek an absolute adventure to many and it is a great pleasure to watch these summits from the landscapes filled with exotic flowers and immensely attractive meadows and forests. Goechala trek offers the benefit of having experienced a truly spectacular alpine trek within a span of a week .The trail runs through moss-laden forests of oak, chestnut, pine, maple, magnolia and rhododendron.

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