What are the foods that one should definitely have while traveling to Nepal?

  • Jun 8, 2020
  • Ashmita Trek & Tours

On the off chance that you look generally into the Nepali food you may feel that Nepal needs more varieties of food other than its staple "Dal Bhat". But, when you look further into the Nepali kitchen, you will find numerous dishes in each home for each event.

Nepal is a multi-ethnic and multicultural country that has created various varieties of dishes to offer. Each community in Nepal holds its own food history that is yet to be investigated. As a matter of fact, Newari people itself has more than 200 dishes to offer.

The Himalayan region of Nepal has similar cooking styles as Tibetans while the Terai has its very own wide variety of the food because of rich culture and diverse communities.

Cuisines that can be found in Nepal

Nepalese cooking contains an assortment of foods dependent on ethnicity, soil, and atmosphere distinguishing Nepal's social adequate and topography. Along these, here is some run down of the cooking styles that you can find in Nepal:

  • Khas cuisine
  • Himalayan cuisine
  • Tibetan-influenced cuisine
  • Newari cuisine
  • Thakali cuisine
  • Terai cuisine
  • Lohorung cuisine

Besides this, if you have a peculiar tongue then you can always find cuisine from all around the world in the main cities. You can find continental, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Indian, and many more.

Ask any Nepali what is their most loved food, and you're probably going to get a giggle and a 'dal bhat, obviously!' While it's basic that you become accustomed of eating dal and rice a few times each week (if not, two times every day), there are a lot of different tasty conventional Nepali dishes that you should attempt while in Nepal.

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Yomari is a standout amongst the most one of a kind dishes offered by the Newari people. This steamed dish is uncommonly arranged in a Newar family in the winter. The dish has a unique shape made out of rice batter. Desserts like chaku and khuwa are stuffed inside the batter and steamed. A portion of the variety additionally contains finely spiced lentil inside the steamed rice batter cover.

Samay Baji

Samay Baji is the well known Newari dish filled in as a starter in family get-together and celebrations. The dish includes Chiura (beaten rice) and is served with many side dishes like Choila (marinated meat), seared bubbled egg, dark soybeans, fiery potato pickle, finely cut ginger, spiced beans, green verdant vegetables, buff, and Newari drink called "Aila".

Sel Roti

Sel Roti is a well known sweet, ring-molded dish, for the most part, made in Tihar. It is a southern style rice batter. To include taste, sugar and cardamom are blended in the batter before frying it. Sel Rotis can be easily found in the departmental stores and small hotels throughout the hilly region.


Chatamari is a delicious delicacy of Nepal and also known as Newari Pizza. It is made by using rice flour. The rice base is finished with minced meat, egg and prepared with vegetables.

It is very not quite the same as other "Roti"- bread that is made in Nepal. The bread is heated without flipping it in the container, in contrast to other bread.


Dhido is typical Nepali food generally eaten in the mountain area of Nepal, where rice and wheat are not plentiful. Dhido is like Polenta and is made by persistently blending high temp water and flours of maize and buckwheat.

It is regularly eaten alongside nearby vegetable curry, pickle, or Gundruk (matured verdant green vegetable) soup.

Dhido is the second most well-known dish in the nation after Dal Bhat, and one can find it at many Nepali eateries.


Momo is another most popular food of Nepal. Momo is a Nepali version of dumplings. Inside the dumpling, you can include veggies, meat, desserts, or anything you lean toward. The dish is normally steamed yet different varieties of the dish do exist like Kothey Momo (fried), C-Momo (presented with a fiery hot soup), and many more.

Despite the fact that, the dish is said to be started from Tibet, it is advanced with Newari

flavoring to suit the Nepali people taste.


Puwa is viewed as devout food among the Hindus. It is normally served during sacred ceremonies and puja.

This is a sweet dish prepared with rice flour, margarine, and sugar. Sweet and dried up, it is a scrumptious dish made once in a while on special occasions. You can eat it dry or with warm drain.

Nepali Bonus Treats

Other than these, there are several dishes available in Nepal. Trust me! They won't disappoint you. Simply offer an attempt to these Nepali treats:


It is a sweet Nepali toffee made by mixing a major container of blended sugar, Khuwa (thickened drain), shelled nut powder and coconut with flavoring powder.

Pau or Titaura

Pau (Titaura) actually implies sour taste in Newari. This treats arrive in an assortment and are produced using neighborhood organic products like Lapsi (Hog plum), Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) and Tamarind, mango, lemon, and orange. They are generally sweet and salty while some are amazingly hot and spicy.


Lakhamari is a well-known sweet made by the Newari people. The sweet can be found in various shapes and sizes.


Sukuti is a Nepali word for dry meat or Jerky. Sukuti is either eaten straight or spiced as a tidbit or blended with different fixings and filled in as the side dish.

JuJu Dhau

Juju Dhau actually implies King Curd. This thick and smooth curd from Bhaktapur is an absolute necessity attempt while you are in Nepal.

Yak Cheese

Yak-cheddar is flavorful cheddar produced using yak milk from the Himalayan region of Nepal. Nowadays they are generally accessible in departmental stores in enormous urban areas of Nepal.

Anarsa and Thekua

Anarsa and Thekua are the two famous desserts from Terai area of Nepal. These delicious desserts are made on the exceptional events of Chhath (Festival celebrated in Terai region of Nepal).