Day Hikes in Darjeeling

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If you want to see the best landscapes in and around Darjeeling, but do not have days and days to trek, we have the perfect opportunity for you! Our Day Hikes in Darjeeling lead you to the most scenic spots around the city, including small villages with show-stopping mountain views. Day Hikes are the best way to see the scenery and local villages. Take a break from the tourist center of Darjeeling and refresh with an immersion into the authentic Darjeeling scene.

We have different day hikes for different people depending on what you are interested in. They vary in lengths and difficulty, so let us know what you are interested in and we will help you find the perfect hike for you.

Our Darjeeling Tiger Hill Sunrise Hike is a lovely hike to the best viewpoint in the area. Trudge uphill (or take a car and then hike down), to see the unforgettable sunrise from Tiger Hill (2590 meters). See the fiery red sun strike the highest mountains in the world. Dominating the scene are Mount Everest (8848 meters/29,029 feet) and Kanchenjunga (8586 meters/28,169 feet), the first and third highest mountain peaks. You will never forget this scene.

Our other Day Hikes are equally mesmerizing and have even more fascinating cultural aspect. Our Darjeeling to Chatakpur Day Hike passes through the Sanchal Wildlife Sanctuary, where you have the opportunity to see the barking deer, Himalayan black bear, wild boar, leopard, jungle cat, common rhesus monkey, and more exotic species! The trail leads to Chatakpur, where you get a dramatic view of Kanchenjunga and a range of other towering peaks. 

Our Darjeeling - Tonglu – Tumling Day Hike traverses rhododendron and other dense forests through charming eco villages up to scenic ridges, where you are exposed to unbelievable mountain panoramas. The trail is teeming with unique local village culture as well as mountain views. There is plenty to do around Chatakpur and we can even extend your stay if you are interested!

The best part of our Day Tours in Darjeeling is that they are for everyone! You do not need any previous trekking experience or days of acclimatization to take any of these trips. These trips are easy and all-ages. Most importantly, they are fun! Make lifelong positive memories in one of our day tours.

Take a Day Hike in Darjeeling all throughout the year! The best times are when the weather is best, particularly during the autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May). However, winter and monsoon are also splendid times to hike. The skies are clear in the winter and the monsoon rains bring a bright color to the lush vegetain. Ask us for more details!

Ashmita Trek & Tours provides full-package management of each Day Hike in Darjeeling.Check out our packages below and book a trip!