Kathmandu Kitchen in Darjeeling

Just up the stairs from Penang Restaurant lies this little hidden gem. Kathmandu Kitchen serves authentic Nepali food, including Newari dishes like bara (delicious lentil pancake) and chhoila (spiced meats). Newars are the ethnic group native to the Kathmandu Valley and are esteemed for their unique and flavorful cuisine. Like Penang Restaurant, the highlight of Kathmandu Kitchen is their thali set, served with several pickles, achhars, and a spoonful of rich ghee on top of the rice. You’ll probably ask for seconds and thirds (complimentary) after scarfing down the first serving. The servers are exceptionally friendly and make you feel welcome. After coming to Kathmandu Kitchen every few days for a month, I have yet to see another foreigner eating there. You won’t find it on google and you might have to ask a few locals to nail down the location.  Don’t let that deter you, though. The place is hygienic and more importantly, it’s appetizing.