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Ashmita Trek and Tours is a leading trekking company in and proud to be an eco friendly travel and trekking agency based in Darjeeling West Bengal India. Registered with the Government of West Bengal Tourism and associate member of various adventure associations, we are one of the most experienced travel and trekking company offering personal services in planning and execution of every holiday trip since 2007. We provide you the best holiday and cultural trips for small or private groups, custom plans for yourself, your family, friends, student travel groups or a trip for your organization. These are the outcomes of our extensive research, careful planning and working experience to give you unique experiences of a real holiday with nature, culture and adventure in the Himalayas.

Our dedicated, experienced and committed local team thrives to provide ultimate satisfaction to our clients by obtaining thorough trainings and research with experience and feedback throughout the years. Our team always aware to take cares all the clients required services flexibility and as much your exotic holiday can be enjoyable, comfort and safe with us.

The head office of the company is in Darjeeling and is managed by local expert Mr. Subash Tamang the founder of the company... who has trekking experience since 1998 and can give you an excellent opportunity to explore the beautiful Himalayan Region. We invite you to peruse our tours and services, and hope we'll have the pleasure of traveling with you soon Namaste !

Subash Tamang M.D at the front guiding his client during the trek

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My Experience :

My father spent his whole life working as a porter trekking the Himalayas. From my father, I learned the way to trek and climb as a young boy. From 1998 until 2007, I worked as a trekking guide in the Himalayan Region, covering many areas such as Darjeeling, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sikkim. After many years of trekking, I started my own trekking company, Ashmita Trek and Tours -- in the name of my 7 year old daughter, Miss. Ashmita Tamang.

Since 2007, I have a vision that is to share not only the beautiful sights, but also the stories and cultures of the places. By doing this, Darjeeling, Sikkim, or Nepal are not just a name of place, they are like human beings. Once we make friends with the place, we feel more friendly and more interested in everything about them. 

For trekking, I think the most important thing is professionalism. Although trekking is not a difficult thing for people to learn, trekking safely and enjoyably requires knowledge of the area and experience in both its pleasures and its hazards. No matter whether trekking or tours, the guiding principles of Ashmita are customer satisfaction. Our vision of customer satisfaction includes letting all the people who come to Ashmita get the feeling that here is just like their home, a comfortable and great treat. We are not just servicing tours or trekking only. Providing first hand and in depth local knowledge, professional service experiences, and focusing on customer satisfisfaction are our top priorities, which all the members of Ashmita keep in mind.

Again, thanks for visiting our website, whether Ashmita will be your final choice or not. It's our pleasure to have the chance of sharing any information you need for your trip. Looking forward to welcoming you and your friends in Darjeeling !

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