Penang Restaurant in Darjeeling

Penang Restaurant is a personal favorite of mine here in Darjeeling. Tucked away along a staircase near Big Bazaar, this charming place has it all – Tibetan momo’s  and thukpa, Chinese chowmein and fried rice, and the divine Nepali thali set.  Many come forthe restaurant’s delicious Chinese cuisine, but their Nepali thali sets are to die for. The menu is on the pricier side, but it is well worth it on any trip to Darjeeling. Also, you are paying for the experience. The place has an upscale vibe, with a comfortable, and even somewhat romantic, ambience. The cushioned seats, wood-paneled walls, and great service make you feel comfortable and welcome. The place can be difficult to find, but ask any local and they’ll give you directions. I say with sincerity that Penang Restaurant serves up the best thali in Darjeeling. Come check it out.