Eco Friendly Tourism

Eco-friendliness has become more and more important in the tourism sector.  Eco friendly is referred to as a friendly relationship between human and it's habitat.  It means humans should take good care of their surrounding environment.  We focus on the term ‘intent’ on not creating harm to the environment and to prevent harmful aspects in the surrounding areas.  Being a responsible organization our main aim is to operate eco-friendly tours and treks around the Himalayas by making people aware and encourage them to actively participate in preservation of environment and sustainable tourism. We are dedicated to preserve the beauty of the hilly region and to become an eco-friendly travel company.

  • Learning to consume items which do not harm the environment.
  • To preserve the fragile environment.
  • Seek permission before entering any restricted, sacred premises.
  • Use paper and say no to plastic.
  • Stay in local eco-lodges and always use local guides and porters.
  • Save fuels and energy while traveling.  Enjoy your trip without bonfire.
  • Striving to support others to produce and to live in eco-friendly and sustainable communities.