Everest Region

Welcome to the world’s most renowned trekking region. This majestic place has captured the dreams of trekkers and mountaineers around the world for decades. It is, after all, home to the highest mountain peak in the world – Mount Everest (8848 meters / 29,029 feet). Since the peak was first summited in 1953 by Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary, this legendary – almost mythical – peak has remained on a pedestal, more widely recognized than any other mountain.

Most people are unaware, though, that the Everest region houses several more of the highest peaks: Lhotse (8516 meters/27,940 feet), Cho Oyu(8201 meters/26,906 feet), and Makalu (8481 meters/27,824 feet). Underneath these towering peaks lies countless adventures to be had! Check out our peak climbing packages if you want to get a closer look at these distinctive peaks.

Most visitors come to the area to see Mount Everest, though they leave realizing that seeing Everest is not even the grandest part. The memorable moments come from the days of climbing through valleys, crossing over raging rivers, and staying in village after village, each with its own character. Instead of rushing to see Everest, take some extra time to visit the elegant monasteries that are dispersed along the trail, and spending time with the locals.

The region truly would not have the allure it has if it weren’t for the wonderful people that inhabit the area – the Sherpas. Sherpas make the culture of the Everest region as fascinating as any other part of Nepal. Long ago, nomadic herders moved from the eastern Tibetan Plateau into the high areas of the Solu Khumbu region of present-day Nepal. Over the centuries, their bodies have natural acclimated to the extreme elevation, making them apt for the high mountain expeditions. Most Sherpas are Tibetan Buddhist, and evidence of this is marvelously placed throughout the trail, in the form of mani walls, prayer flags, monasteries, and chhortens. Enjoy learning about Sherpa culture throughout your journey.

We offer several treks and climbs in the Everest region. If you are the adventurous type, take the Everest Three Passes Trek. This trail, which crosses 5000 meters at several points, is without a doubt one of the most scenic trails in the Himalaya. Or, take the classic Everest Base Camp Trek and feel accomplished by reaching this historical place. Another favorite is the Everest Base Camp with Gokyo Ri Trek Everest Base Camp Trek combined with a trip to the sacred, emerald Gokyo Lakes. Climb up to GokyoRi for views of some of the world’s highest peaks.

If you would like trek in the Everest region during one of the lively festivals, do let us know! The biggest, Mani Rimdu, is a specifically Sherpa festival, celebrated for three days in Tengboche. The festival usually falls during May. Let us know if you would like to trek with us for the magnificent Mani Rimdu festival.

Take a look at our packages Bellow are the popular trekking trails of the Everest region in Nepal. and we hope to share an amazing experience with you in the Everest region!