Nepal comfortably resides between the laps of two colossal Asian giants India and China. In spite of its small size, this nation has carved a separate identity for itself in terms of both natural allure and cultural melodrama. It is a must-visit destination for anyone that wishes to lose themselves amidst the serene ambiance of the Himalayas or the prolific greenery that is found in its dense forests.

Nepal has a reputation for being the go-to spot for all sorts of treks and hikes. I mean the country stands out in the globe with so many 8,000 meter plus mountains that it is bound to attract climbers and trekkers. The hilly terrain combined with frosty setbacks makes Nepal a utopia for hikers.

The natural landmarks are just one part of a coin. The other part involves a delightful insight into the prevailing culture and traditions that are found here. The country is a secular region, and you can find all sorts of culture & religion here. The major religion here are Hinduism and Buddhism, and as you explore these parts, you’ll be greeted with artifacts & monuments that remind you of it.

Through this blog, we shall hope to give you some solid points as to why Nepal should be on your bucket list.