Trekking in Sikkim

The northeastern Indian state of Sikkim is one of the world’s most unappreciated trekking Sikkim’s Himalayas lies a vast expanse of land that is nearly unspoiled. Come join us in discovering thewonderful village-to-mountaintop trails. You will not be disappointed when you finish the trip. By the end of it, you might already be making plans for your next trip to Sikkim.

Dominating the mountain views of Sikkim is Kanchenjunga (also spelled Khangchendzonga) (8586 meters / 28,169 feet).  This colossal mountain is the world’s third highest, after Mount Everest (8848 meters / 29,029 feet) and K2 (8611 meters / 28,251 feet). As a matter of fact, Mount Everest is even visible from parts of our Sikkim treks. Sikkim is a true mountain-lover’s paradise. Nothing beats spending days among the highest mountains in the world, which seem to soar into the heavens.

Also, alongthe majestic trails in Sikkim lies several pristine, sacred lakes. For example, look at Samati Lake. This brilliant emerald-green body of water rests and the base of snow-capped, rugged peaks. In each of our Sikkim treks, we cross high mountain passes. TheGoechala Pass (5002 meters/16,406 feet)exposes trekkers to jaw-dropping mountain panoramas. Pictures do not do this scene justice. You just have to see it for yourself!

Another special part about our treks in Sikkim is that they are not only adventures into nature, but they are meaningful cultural experiences as well. Take pleasure in the excitement of learning about a new culture and way of life. Fill yourself with the knowledge about the local language, festivals, rituals, etc. in your exploration of Sikkim. Along the trail, you will meet Gurung, Limbu, and more groups in the ethnically diverse state of Sikkim.Trekkers find the locals to be delightfully hospitable. People come to Sikkim for the landscapes, but it is the people that make visitors want to stay.

We lead treks and hikes in both Kanchenjunga National Park as well as Singalila National Park. Find an array of amazing wildlife here, including the rare red panda, leopard, barking deer, Himalayanblack bar, serow, takin, the Himalayan blue sheep, the Himalayan tahr, and dozens of other species. The parks are also home to some majestic bird species, including the Tibetan snowcock. On any given trek, you are sure to run into some of these wild animals!

The best time to trek in Sikkim is during the spring time (March to May) and autumn (September to November),though we do lead treks throughout the year. One bonus of trekking during the off season, though, is that you will see much fewer trekkers along the trail, giving a closer connection to the landscapes and local people.

So, have a look and come revel in the marvelous beauty of Sikkim! See our Trekking packages below like Sikkim Goechala Trek, is most popular treks in sikkim for weekend trek and if you looking for offbeat trek we offer Sikkim Singalila Uttarey Trek is best trek through between india nepal border via Goechala and Dzongri which is for two weeks. and we also offer Sikkim Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek The thrilling trek to Kanchenjunga base camp originates from Yuksom; further, it continues towards Bakhim, Dzongri, Laxmi Pokhari, Bikhbari Chaurikhang and Rathong Glacier, Bikhbari and then finally ends at Bakkhim. Within the 11 days expedition, trekkers will enjoy the astounding view of Mt Khangchendzonga (8,586 m), Mt Kokthang (6,148 m), Mt Pandim (6,691 m) and several other peaks in the region. 

Overall, homestay trekking in Sikkim is an excellent way to experience the local culture, support the local economy, and promote sustainable tourism. It is a unique and immersive experience that every traveler should try at least once. Some of our famous homestay trekking packages are the Pelling Yuksom Tashiding Home Stay Trek in Sikkim, Sherpa, Bhutia and tamang Culture Trek, etc. and more short trek also avilable book your trek today! We are always here to tailor our packages to your preferred itinerary. If ours do not match your wishes, let us know and we will do the best we can to accommodate you.