About Sikkim: Sikkim is the one of the smallest state in India with population of 619,000. It is situated in and surrounded by Tibetan plateau in North, It is endfolds the upper valley of teesta river Darjeeling district in south, kingdom of Bhutan in east and Singalila Range act as a Natural barrier with Nepal in west. There is no any plains and no open valley found but it is the place of high ranges of Eastern Himalayas as Kanchanganga stands with height of 8598m. Sikkim is very rich in natural vegetation as it is high altitude summits that touch the skies. All the hills covers with wide verities of flora and fauna. South Sikkim get tropical climate grows lush vegetation like sal trees, figs, bamboo, chestnut, oaks  have been found.  

People of Sikkim: Indigenous people of Sikkim are Lepcha, Bhutia, Sherpa and napali are known as sikkimese. Sikkim is the multi lingual state although they have their own mother languages.English is used for official matters; besides Hindi and mostly Nepali speaking people are found. All the people wore different clothing shows their culture and tradition.Lepcha ladies wear Dumdyam and men wear thokro Dum. Bakkhu is the traditional dress of bhutia and shepas. Their local food areTibetan Momo, tukpha. Typho, rice etc. land of intense ntaural beauty , imbued with a mystic aura, is steeped in legends and history . The profusion of lofty peaks, holy lakes , heli tours and stunning trekking routes make Sikkim a multi dimensional holiday destination.