Goechala Trek Sikkim : A list of challenges you might face!!

  • Jun 11, 2023
  • Ashmita Trek & Tours

Trekking in Sikkim is gaining immense popularity in recent times. People who have already covered the mountains of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand now like to trek in North East India. The experience of hiking in Sikkim is completely different than the experience of hiking in the North Indian Mountains. Goechala Trek Sikkim is one of the most popular treks in North East India but this hiking destination comes with its challenges. Below we have covered a list of challenges that you might face while doing Goechala Trek in winter or any other season as well.

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Difficulties: Goechala Trek in Sikkim Himalayas

The first thing about any trekking in India is that it requires a certain amount of physical fitness and prior preparations. However, depending on the difficulty level of different treks, it can be classified whether a hike is meant for beginners to experience trekkers.

Goechala Trekking in Sikkim is certainly physically very demanding as it is a very high-altitude trek. If you are planning to hike this place then pay great attention to your physical fitness one month prior else you might find this trek very difficult. Below we have listed all the challenges that you might go through while hiking this destination in Sikkim. One thing to remember is also that the challenges faced might be different as per the seasons as well. Like Goechala trek in winter will have different difficulties and summers will have different issues, we have thrown a light on all the hardships that one can face.

Long Trails With Huge Vertical Elevation

Usually this trek is for around 8-10 days, the continuous trekking of approx. 8 to 10 kms daily might take a toll on your body. However the main challenge of this trek is the base, Yuksom lies at a very low altitude of 1700m or 5500 ft. whereas the final destination Goechala Sunrise Trek lies at 4600 m or 15100 ft. Hence, the total climb sums up to around 3000m or 10000ft, which is actually very strenuous.

Tsokha to Dzongiri : A tough climb

From Tsokha to Dzongiri, it is a steep vertical altitude trek of approx. 3400ft that needs to be hiked in a single day time. The mountain climb is steep and a non-stop one and hence can be a very tough one for the first-time climbers and also for regular trekkers as well.

Continuous Long Trek on High Altitude and Acclimatisation Process

Usually, it is recommended that the maximum trek to the area above 10000ft/3000m should not be more than 1000ft in a day. But that is possible only when you have endless days to trek which is not possible in today’s day and age wherein everyone doing a job. So, here one needs to trek than the recommended one and hence this can lead to a potential risk of a tough trek.

Other Challenges- Weather Conditions, Leeches, etc

Apart from the above challenges, there are multiple other factors also that add up to the challenges that one might face during their Goechala Trek Sikkim.

Trekking in Sikkim, above 14000ft is very cold, especially at the night when the summit is attempted the temperature is at its coldest. Even while climbing the steep climbs during Goechala Trek in winters, one needs to carry the extra load of additional warm layers to protect themselves from the cold.

During nights, the temperature is mostly below zero which creates a thin layer of ice sheets that can at times be very slippery for the trekkers.

Leeches are also a great problem while trekking in Sikkim. Leeches don’t like the cold weather and are very fond of warm and humid weather conditions. Hence, one needs to be very careful of leeches if you are hiking from May to September.

These are a few difficulties or challenges that you might face while doing Goechala Sunrise Trek.

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