Sikkim Goechala Trek - 11 Days

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  • Duration11 Days
  • DestinationIndia
  • Difficulty LevelModerate to Strenuous
  • Max Altitude15,100ft. 4,940,m.

About Trip

Sikkim Goechala Trek, a hidden gem nestled in the majestic Himalayas, offers a mesmerizing natural beauty that captivates the hearts of adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. One of the best ways to experience the awe-inspiring landscapes and rugged charm of this region is through the Sikkim Goechala Trek. If you are planning to go trekking in Sikkim India, you must give Goechala Trek a try. This remarkable trekking expedition takes you on a journey through the pristine wilderness, offering breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences. The trek also presents a diverse range of landscapes that will leave you spellbound.

Goechala Trek Sikkim Gives the Best Sunrise view on the Kanchenjunga Range

The Goechala Trek in Sikkim is undoubtedly one of the most popular trekking routes in India. It is renowned for providing the best sunrise view on the Kanchenjunga range, which is the third highest peak in the world. The trek takes you through dense forests, picturesque meadows, and enchanting mountain passes. Along the way, trekkers encounter charming villages, Buddhist monasteries, and friendly locals, immersing themselves in the rich culture and traditions of the region. It typically takes eight to ten days to finish this trek but is absolutely worthy.

When thinking about Goechala trek best time to visit, it is indeed during the month of October. As a matter of fact, Goechala trek in October offers pleasant weather and clear skies, providing optimal visibility. The trek starting point is the picturesque village of Yuksom, one of many wonderful places you pass through on the way. The tranquilly of nature will surround you as you continue to ascend as you travel past dense rhododendron forests, flowing waterfalls, and quiet lakes. If we talk about the Goechala trek difficulty level then it can be said that it is moderately difficult. This particular trek is considered moderately difficult and requires a good level of fitness and trekking experience. The terrain can be challenging at times, with steep ascents, rocky trails, and variable weather conditions. It is recommended to undertake this trek with a knowledgeable guide or join an organized trekking group like Ashmita Trek to ensure safety and proper acclimatization.

The highlight of this trek is undoubtedly the viewpoint at Goechala pass which is situated at an elevation of 4,940 meters (16,200 feet). From here, trekkers are rewarded with a panoramic
spectacle of towering peaks, including Kanchenjunga, Pandim, and the surrounding Himalayan ranges. The sunrise view from the pass is particularly awe-inspiring and leaves an indelible mark on the memories of those who undertake this trek.

Enjoy Kanchenjunga Goechala Trek in a Sustainable Way with Ashmita Trek

While the Goechala Trek offers an exhilarating experience, it is important to choose trekking companies that prioritize sustainable tourism practices. By opting for eco friendly treks in Sikkim,you can ensure that your adventure contributes to the preservation and conservation of the pristine natural beauty of the mountains.

By promoting Goechala trek sustainable tourism, Ashmita Trek and Tours plays a crucial role in preserving the delicate ecosystem of the region, allowing future generations to also enjoy the magnificence of Sikkim mountains. So, whenever you consider sustainable treks in Sikkim, you know that you certainly have to contact Ashmita Trek and Tours as we will provide you the best experience of Sikkim Mountains while following the “leave zero trace policy” in their treks and hikes.

Benefits of using Ashmita Trek & Tours for Sikkim Goechala Trek 

At Ashmita Trek & Tours, we aim to provide the best trekking and tour experience to our guests. our love for Sikkim is immense, and we are passionate about showing visitors the authentic side of this beautiful country. 

We are an eco-accommodating travel and trekking organization. We aspire to give the best travel experience to our customers as well as for local people since our beginning in 2007. We take care of all the legwork and pre-reservation to let our guests enjoy a stressless hassle-free venture.

We are registered under the Department of Tourism Government India, and West Bengal Tourism. This means you are traveling with an authentic and trustworthy company by choosing us. we also have been recommended by Lonely Planet travel guide books Trekking Agency highly ranked based on Adventure Outdoor Activities organizer for Nepal, Sikkim, and Darjeeling Himalaya region as well as two hundreds plus of past clients. and you can even read our reviews on the TripAdvisor page and Google reviews they are real reviews of what they have experienced with us, so, you can plan your adventure holidays with Ashmita Trek and Tours Teams without any doubt so.


  • Stand at the top of Goechala (5,002 meters) with eye-popping mountain views Kanchanzonza
  • Enjoy a range of sceneries throughout the trek
  • The trekking thrudht rhododendron forests on the trail
  • Up-close views of Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world
  • Trek with local people learning local language
  • The trail to Goechala is blessed with rhododendron forests during April and May
  • Samiti Lake is another big attraction on the Goechala trek


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Dear Guest This is our regular Itinerary and most people have done this itinerary. So If you have any special request on this itinerary you can contact us via email. We can Customize this trip with your request. 

Drive Distance: 159 km | Drive Duration: 7 hours | NJP railway station / Bagdogra airport.

on arrival at Bagdogra Airport near Siliguri or train station NJP drive to Yuksoom Pass tiny villages along the way The road goes via Teesta, Malli, Jorethang, and Tashiding. Once you check in to the homestay lodge you can freshen up and in the evening you will receive a briefing session by our trek leader where you will learn about the trek and your schedule for the upcoming day if you have any questions about the trek you can clear then at the time of the briefing section overnight stay.

Yuksom is a historical town that is a gem in West Sikkim. Established in 1642, Yaksom used to be the capital of Sikkim. The long, rich history is being continued by the culturally distinct Bhutias, who make up the majority of Yaksom’s population. For trekkers and adventure lovers, the town is notable because it is the gateway to Kanchenjunga National Park.

Important Note :

You need to reach latest by 10 am on Day 1 at NJP/Bagdogra. You will return to NJP/Bagdogra in a 6/7 hour drive from Yuksoom on Day 11, around by 12noon if you start early by 5-6 am. Arrange your tickets accordingly. or we advise you to stay in Siliguri and fly out the next day.

  • Home Stay/Lodge
  • 1,780 Mt
  • Rest day

Trek Distance : 7.50 km | Trek Duration : 5.5 hours | Altitude Gain : 1,780 Mt to 2,255Mt

Today marks the beginning of our Sikkim Goechala Trek. Walk gently uphill along the Rathong river gorge, through a lively jungle of magnolia, rhododendron, fern, and several varieties of orchids. Listen to the chirping birds, occasional monkey, and the sound of the wind in the trails – the ultimate feeling of peace. After ascending a bit more, reach Sachen, a Tibetan refugee settlement. Overnight in tent camp.

Recommended to Carry 2 litres of water from Yuksom. You will cross streams intermittently where you can refill your water bottles.

  • Camping
  • 8am
  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • 2,255Mt
  • Trekking

Trek Distance : 6.50 km | Trek Duration : 6 hours | Altitude Gain : 2,255 Mt to 2,983 Mt

Take a steep climb after leaving Sachen through vibrant rhododendron forests. The trail is very well-maintained. Take a rest in Phedang, and continue, progressing past the 4,000-meter mark. The lush vegetation gets sparser throughout the day. We set up our camp in Tshoka overnight Camping.

Recommended to Carry sufficient water from Sachen.

  • Camping
  • 7am
  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • 2,983 Mt
  • Trekking

Trek Distance : 8.40 km | Trek Duration : 8 -9 hour | AltitudeGain : 2,255 Mt. to 4,020 Mt.

Today is going to be a difficult day. It starts with 30 minutes of steep climb followed by a gradual ascent, after which the trail again climbs steeply for 20 minutes to reach Phedang. 1-hour ascent from here followed by a gentle descent brings you to Dzongri. We set up our camp in Dzongri in the afternoon and, if you have the energy, we continue climbing briefly up to a meadow with crisp views of Koktang, Rathong, Kabru, Kanchenjunga, Simvo, and Pandim. This quick hike helps our bodies prepare for the following days. Overnight in tent camp.

  • Camping
  • 8am
  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • 4,020 Mt
  • Trekking day

Trek Distance : 2 km | Trek Duration : 2.5-3 hour | Altitude Gain and Descend: 4,020 Mt. to 4,116 Mt and back to 4,020 Mt.

Dzongri is a perfect place to spend an extra day acclimatizing. There are smaller peaks within walking distance of our campsite, so we can climb those to help our bodies acclimatize. We keep going high throughout the following days, so we want to be as prepared as possible for that. If you have interest in making the hikes for the sunrise and/or sunset views, this is the best time to do it! Overnight in tent camp.

  • Camping
  • 8am
  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • 4,020m
  • Acclimatizing day

Trek Distance : 10 km | Trek Duration : 6 hours | Altitude Descend : 4,020 Mt to 3,500 Mt

Take breakfast and begin another day of ascending through gorgeous landscapes. Reach a ridge at about 4,115 meters (13,500 feet) for unreal views of Kanchenjunga and Pandim while experiencing the charming chhortens and prayer flags – signs of Tibetan Buddhism. Take some photographs and descend towards Pandim and even further through rhododendron forests to the Prek Chu River at 3,749 meters. Take lunch in the peace and quiet and take a deep breath. Enjoy the splendid scenery of the Sikkim Kanchenjunga Goechala Trek. After lunch, cross a river and slowly ascend for an hour and a half through pine trees to a nice camping spot. Above us lies the majestic, unclimbed Pandim peak. Overnight in tent camp.

  • Camping
  • 8am
  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • 3,500m
  • Trekking

Trek Distance : 2 km | Trek Duration : 2 hours | Altitude Gain : 3,500 Mt to 3,962 Mt

It’s an easy hike today, though the high altitude wear on us a little bit. We must not overdo ourselves, as tomorrow will be the most difficult (but rewarding) day of our trek. Walk alongside the Prek Chu River. Soon, we reach the sacred Samiti Lake, an emerald-green body of water nestled amidst the brightly colored, wind-town prayer flags. Overnight in tent camp. 

  • Camping
  • 8am
  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • 3,962m
  • Trekking

Trek Distance : 13 km | Trek Duration : 12-14 hours | Altitude Gain and Descend : 3,962 Mt to 4,940 to 3,685 Mt

Today is the big day! To maximize the changes of good weather, we leave early in the morning. Besides, the views are best during this time. Ascend the hill behind the lake and then traverse the glacial moraine. Above Samiti Lake, the area that we are trekking on, is called the Zemathang Plateau. Hike across the plateau under the shadow of Pandim, and climb up to a height of 15,700 feet. Look down at a majestic snowy and icy glaciated lake. From here, it’s an hour to the Goechala Pass. Traverse the well-trodden path to the pass, which is decorated with bright-colored prayer flags. Sit in awe at the view of the world’s highest mountain range, and glacial valleys in the distance. Descend all the way to Kokchurang , today’s destination. Overnight in tent camp. 

  • Camping
  • 4am
  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • 4,940m to 3,685m
  • Trekking

Trek Distance : 14 km | Trek Duration : 6-7 hours | Altitude Gain : 3,685 Mt to 2,983 Mt

Get up in the early morning and check out the sunrise view from a ridge behind our campsite. Here are awesome views of Kanchenjunga and behind us is the Goechala Pass. Departing our campsite, we take a fresh route back towards the trailhead. Hike down to the Prek Chu and weave around the jungle to arrive to Phedang. Stop for a lunch of snack before steeply descending to Tshoka. It’s a long day so take it easy in the evening. Overnight in tent camp.

  • Camping
  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • 2,983m
  • Trekking

Trek Distance : 12 km | Trek Duration : 5-6 hours | Altitude Descend : 2,983 Mt to 1,780 Mt

Make the final day of the trek a memorable one! Be present as you hike through the lush landscape. It’s the same route as we took on the first day of the trek, but after many days, it seems fresh. Enjoy any scenery you missed on the first time around. In Yuksam, we check into our hotel and rest or explore the rest of the day. Overnight in hotel. 

  • Home Stay
  • 8am
  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • 1,780m
  • Trekking

After breakfast, transfer to Bagdogra airport or NJP Train station for your next destination. 

Thank you for your wonderful experience with us Hope to see you on the next tour to another fascinating destination of India and Nepal Himalaya

Important Note :

You need to reach latest by 10 am on Day 1 at NJP/Bagdogra. You will return to NJP/Bagdogra in a 6/7 hours drive from Yuksoom/Pelling on Day 11, around 12 12noon if you start early by 5-6 am. Arrange your tickets accordingly. or we advise you to stay in Siliguri and fly out the next day.

  • 6am
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What's Included

  • 2 Night accommodation at Yuksoom Home Stay/guest house 
  • All necessary Mountain Trekking permits during the trek
  • All meals from breakfast on day 2 to dinner on day 10 
  • Including boiled drinking water provided on trekking days
  • During the Trek Full Board Camping arrangements with accommodation on a sharing basis with foam mats in tents
  • Kitchen tent, dining tent, and toilet tent as required during the trek
  • Local Mountaineering course certified Trek leader with First Aid certification
  • A good quality sleeping bag arranged by Ashmita Trek and Tours
  • (Bring your own sleeping if you have a high altitude specific personal Sleeping Bag. This is always better for hygienic reasons.)
  • All Trekking equipment for guests and company Tents carried by Mules/Horses  
  • Basic Medical & First Aid kit
  • All travel from AND to Bagdogra airport or train station NJP is not included in the listed price if service requires additional cost in rupee 9500 /- per vehicle each way 
  • Extra accommodation and meals outside of the itinerary
  • India entry visa fee for international client
  • International & domestic flights to and from Sikkim
  • Your travel insurance (Compulsory) 
  • Personal gear and expenses for the trek
  • Any expense of a personal nature
  • Any kind of emergency evacuation charges
  • 5% GST as applicable (Subject to change as per govt rules) 
  • Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, snowfall, landslides, road conditions, and any other circumstances beyond our control
  • Tips for the guide and staff

Useful Information

How high and location is the trek route of Sikkim Kanchenjunga Goechala Trek?

The Sikkim Kanchenjunga Goechala Trek is a high mountain pass in Sikkim, India in the Himalayan range. The southeast face of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the world's third highest mountain, which runs about 90km at Approx altitude of 4,940 mt or 16,207 ft) the typical itinerary is over 9 days each day you will be walking about 6-7hours. the trek begins from the Yuksoom trail through kanchanzonga national park with night camping at Tshoka, Dzongri, Tsansing, Lamuney, and Kockchurung ending your trek in Yuksom. 

Goechala Trek difficulty 

Before signing up for the Goechala Trek, most people ask, how hard is the Goechala Trek? Of all the treks in Sikkim, the Goechala Trek is one of the more difficult ones. It is considered to be a hard trek. However, anyone with moderate trekking experience should have no problems taking this trek. If you do not have much prior trekking experience or if you want to be extra prepared, some cardio preparation would benefit you. In terms of altitude, you will not have to worry, as our ascent is slow and steady. For those of you who can take on this challenge, you will be heavily rewarded with some of the best mountain views in India.

Goechala Trek Permit

Yes, for foreigners you need a permit for the Sikkim Kanchenjunga Goechala Trek. The permits required depending on where you are from. All permits will be taken care of by Ashmita Trek and Tours. Do note that citizens of China, Bangladesh, and Myanmar are not permitted to trek in this region.

The ILP (Inner Line Permit) is required for all foreigners before entering Sikkim. They are obtained either at Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri or at the entrance of Sikkim.

Kanchenjunga National Park (KNP) permit is also required, which can be obtained as you leave Yuksom village.

The Protected Area Permit (PAP) is also required for all foreigners. This is obtained in Gangtok and only through an authorized tour operator. For this reason, all foreign trekkers must book the Goechala Trek package through a government-authorized trekking agency.

What to Expect on the Sikkim Goechala Trek

Expect nothing less than to see several of the world’s highest peaks, including the majestic peak of Kanchenjunga. The Goechala Trek is true of India’s greatest trails, providing up-close mountain views. See rare alpine flowers blooming in the springtime, blooming rhododendron trees, and a variety of wild animals wandering the forests. Get to know the Rai, Limbu, and other ethnic groups while staying in their comfortable teahouses. Expect to get blown away by the natural beauty at Samiti Lake, enveloped by rocky mountains. On this 11-day excursion, prepare to trek through true Himalayan wilderness and see dozens of majestic.

Best season for Sikkim Goechala Trek 

Best season for Goechala Trek first season Spring (March to May) In the springtime, in the mountain the colorful flowers are blooming like rhododendrons, orchids, and magnolias. during the fall, the skies are usually clearer the temperature ranges from 7 - 11 degrees C°, and the second season is after the monsoon starting from (September to early December) the snow peaks show in their dazzling beauty in a clear blue sky when the temperature ranges from - 10 to 4 degrees C°

Note: also possible to do this trek in winter from - Jan - Fab but it's cold and recommended to bring warm cloth as much as possible Ashmita Trek and Tours arranges the trek with full management, including transportation, meals, stay, permit, etc. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

Sikkim Goechala Trek Weather Temperature

The Sikkim Goechala Trek can be done all throughout the year, though it’s much more pleasant in some weather conditions than others. The weather along the Goechala Trek depends on the season.  During the springtime (March to May), temperatures fall between 11-19 C° during the day and 2-10 C° at night. Monsoon temperatures are around 15-22 C° during the day and 7 to -1 C° at night. People tend to favor trekking in Autumn when the weather is moderate and the skies are clear. In the daytime, temperatures range between 6-12 C° and 5 and -3 C° at nighttime.

Keep in mind, the Goechala weather is always unpredictable. In time, a cloud can come and take away a mountain view, and a gust of wind can nearly knock you off your feet on a high pass. This just adds a little more adventure to the trek. Regardless of the season, you should pack several layers just in case.


By Train:-

New Jalpaiguri or NJP is a major railway station located in Siliguri. There are many long-distance trains that arrive or pass through the NJP station. You can choose to come to Kolkata and take one of the many trains to NJP. If you are coming from Delhi or north part of India, try to take any northeast train which directly goes to NJP by passing Kolkata.

By Flight:- (Airport Code: IXB)

Flying to Bagdogra is another option that you can choose though flights to Bagdogra tend to be pricier than those to Kolkata. Most of the flights foremost metros in the country come here.

Return from NJP/Bagdogra:

Normally you reach NJP/Bagdogra from any trek base by 5/6 pm in the evening. You can take any train after 7 pm. Accordingly, arrange your homeward journey. and for the flight, we recommended staying at Siliguri one day before your flight departure. 

Goechala as a difficult trek demand a sufficient level of fitness, therefore you should check You might not know what goals to set and how to reach them. so we Ashmita Trek and Tours designed three trek-specific workout guides line for you.

Suggested Preparation :

  • Cardio exercises include running, cycling, jogging, push-ups, and pull-ups for about 4-5 days a week for 3 months before your trip will begin.
  • You should also be involved in developing core strength. and muscle endurance through weight training.
  • Hiking in the hills in different weather conditions will be good preparation for this trip.
  • If you have access, kayaking will also be a very good way to develop the strength and endurance required for this trip.

Here’s a chart to help you get fit for the trek.


Backpack : 

(-10 C) (50 - 60 ltr) with multiple-compartments will surely help you to keep your personal belongings safe and organized a good quality haversack as to make all things to fit in one it must be comfortable while walking with it Sleeping bag. Day pack + rain cover 20 - 30 ltr (If hire a mule or porter)

Clothing & Accessories : 

The trek routes go from low to high altitudes. we suggest you T- shirt, pentagon with cap Extra socks, a water proof jacket, (rain coat requred in ranny Season ) Down Jacket/Gore tax Jacket, Light wind & water proof jacket , Inner sleeping sheet , Long sleeve T-shirts , Warm hat/ gloves,a good trekking shoe, make sure you choose the right footwear shoes have to be lightweight and durable, that offers complete and grip. a sun protection cream. Woolen cap and hand gloves. Warm jacket or a sweater and also a wind-cheater You experience strong cold winds especially in the months of September and October.

First Aid : 

Personal Medical Kit to heal minor injuries, cuts, or burns, carry your own small first aid kit with basic medicines and bandages. or Consult your doctor.

Flashlights : 

1 Nos Torch with extra battery or head light in important. 

Supplements : 

Water bottle , packet food like biscuits dry fruits (dates,cashew,almonds,resins etc) and sweets (Dry packet sweets-Cadbury-peanut candy) are to be carried as supplements during the treks.

Water bottle : / Hydration pack 2 bottles of one litre each People who use hydration pack

Trekking shoes :

We requred The proper foot wear depends on the trek. Shorter treks in low altitude can be done in comfortable running shoes up to 2000miters and while longer, more demanding treks in high altitude require sturdy trekking/hiking boots.

Here’s a guide to help you pack for the trek – 


Booking terms and condition refers to the special binding agreement between Ashmita Trek and Tours and the client. It is important in the business system to conduct such a procedure. For both of our benefit, it is best to know and understand the terms of our mutual agreement before booking a trip. The terms are a set of regulations that the client must agree to follow to use online services.

To conform your place in a scheduled Fixed Departure trek or a Private trek we require 30% advance of your total cost Advance payment can made online via laft bank transfer net banking Credit/Debit Card. and the remaining 70% balance is payable 15 days before your trip denature trek date.

If you book the trek 15 before lass the trek date you need to pay the full amount of the trek fee.

Trip Cancellation Policy Form The Clients : 

If a client wants to cancel the trip for their prior booked trek or tours the deposit 30% of the Trek/Tour Fee is Non-Refundable at any stage. This ensures your booking and confirms reservation in trekking and tours and permit process as per the company policy. If in case you are not able to join the trek due to unavoidable region you have choice or of the shifting to another trip and you can travel anytime in the next one years without any extra cost. This means the payments you have already made stay secure with us and you can re-book the trip at a later date instead of immediately cancelling now and losing the deposit.

Customer Reviews

  • N

    NANCY BIGGS, United Kingdom - November 28, 2023

    We completed the 11 day Goechela trek on 20.11.23. Ashmita were fantastic from start to finish. The owner Subash was always available to speak to us in the months preceding our adventure - ready to answer all questions and to give us a clear idea of what we should expect from our trip. We had a fantastic team on the trek itself, led by our guide Sangay. He is an experienced mountaineer able to plan our days with great skill, finding the most beautiful spots to pitch our tent at each of our stops, providing clear advice about how to manage and minimise the effects of the high altitude. Our cook DB created three absolutely delicious and varied meals every day - difficult to imagine how he managed to rustle them up from the bags of raw ingredients that accompanied us up the mountain! The whole team was friendly and a joy to spend time with and we missed them all when our adventure finally came to an end. It is altogether a wonderful trip - the hard trekking is rewarded by stunning views of the mountains over many days. We were lucky to have beautiful clear blue skies each day. Most importantly, we made it to the top!

  • R

    Rebecca Gordon, Australia - April 18, 2023

    I just completed the 8 day Goeche La trek in Sikkim with my partner Ian. Sangay was our amazing and experienced guide. The trek was very challenging due to heavy snowfall. Sangay was amazing in his decision making, planning and belief for us to complete the trek. We had amazing clear views at Goeche La after two days of cloud and snow at Dzongri pass. Sangay and his amazing team ensured that we were always warm, comfortable and well fed. The food was especially good - The cook produced three course meals - delicious We even had a cake on our last day.. I am so appreciative to Sangay and his team for giving me the opportunity to complete this snowy challenge in the beautiful Himalaya.

    Thank you Ashmita Trek and Tours for organizing such a great trek experience

    Rebecca Gordon and Lan

  • D

    Daniel Traveler, United Kingdom - November 20, 2019

    Whw!what a professional service and well organized.our Goechala trek in Sikkim our guide Sherpas was very experienced and a great person to spend our time on the trek with.he was a wealth of knowledge and was able to answer every question he had about the Himalayas,the culture, and the trek. He told us that it was the job of the guide to make sure we walk,eat,sleep, and enjoyable.

    So we didn't need to worry about anything during our trek in Sikkim Goechala from the beginning of our trip everything was organized for trekking equipments porter accomodetion nesesary and looked after all emails answered promptly.

    Our experience with Ashmita Trek and Tours was excellent overall.and the rest of Ashmita teams made sure our bookings went smoothly.we highly recommend Ashmita as a service to all and we definitely coming back in the coming year to do Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal!

  • J

    John L, United Kingdom - October 29, 2019

    My friend and I decided to book a last minute Trip to India to do Kanckanzonza goechala trek base Camp in 2019. and turned out to be a great decision because we had an absolutely amazing experience! From the very beginning we had lots of questions about the india trip and itinerary and Subash Tamang the owner was always quick with answers so we felt comfortable with everything.

    The team from Ashmita Trek and Tours Company has done a marvellous job to ensure that my safety, logistics and lodging was organised properly during our Trek.

    The guides were helpful, friendly and were always on the lookout for my well-being which I deeply appreciate.
    All in all we had a wonderful time and I could honestly recommend these guys to anyone interested in Sikkim Trek. Only hope I come back in the near future and do another trek!

  • J

    Jessica, United Kingdom - August 08, 2019

    We did Goecha la trek in Sikkim this April 2019 This was really sentiment to just how good the service is that from Ashmita Trek and Tours provides. Through the different packages and costs, and they are extremely good in offering the best price that was appropriate to our needs.
    Subash the owner of Company kept in touch and communicated with us throughout the entire journey, checking up on us to make sure we were Ok. Our guide Dawa lama and porter are extremely helpful and friendly after our Goechala trek, we booked Sikkim Authentic Cultural Tour through Subash again, this was another great trip.

    I would whole heartedly recommend Ashmita Trek and Tours, and will definitely return to Sikkim one day with my family,
    Thank you Subash we wish you every success in your the future of your business.

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