What kind of food you should expect while traveling to Sikkim & Darjeeling?

  • May 20, 2021
  • Ashmita Trek & Tours

Sikkimese food utilizes many onions, cumin, garlic, chilies, and turmeric; the flavors are fundamental and inconspicuous. Because of the cold atmosphere and high height of this locale, matured sustenances and beverages are prominent in Sikkim. Conventional sustenances of Sikkim gain their persuasions from the neighboring nations of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. In any case, there are essentials of Indian nourishment and rice is a staple. Meat sweethearts will be cheerful to realize this is a meat-adoring locale; be that as it may, there are possibilities for veggie lovers as well.

Food that you definitely try while traveling to Sikkim & Darjeeling:

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Gundruk Soup

Gundruk Soup is a well known veggie lover soup made in Sikkimese families yet in addition found in eateries. It's regularly served amid cold or frigid seasons. It's made with matured vegetables, tomatoes, onions, garlic and doesn't look appealing however is. I adored it. This expense under $2.

Sinki Soup

Sinki soup is another famous aged sustenance of Sikkim, like gundruk. Rather than aged vegetables, it is made with matured bamboo or radish root tap that has experienced intriguing aging and microbes relieving process for pickling.

Sael Roti

Sael roti (otherwise known as Sel Roti) is a pan-fried, ring-formed delicate pretzel produced using aged rice hitter. This firm crusted doughnuts are frequently eaten amid celebrations and exceptional events.


Momos are Tibetan dumplings and they are effectively found in eateries and bistros in Sikkim. They can be steamed, southern style or bubbled and contain anything from vegetables, meat, and cheddar or paneer. Momos can taste unpretentious to dull. Regularly the momos please a plate of eight or nine with a red bean stew glue as a side sauce for included flavor. My most loved momos are steamed dumplings or momo soups. In Pelling, I had the Cheese momo dish, where the paneer cheddar filling was delicate, rich and a standout amongst the best I've attempted.

Paneer Cheese

Sikkim is a global exporter of the absolute best cheddar. One specific one is Sikkim Alpine Cheese Spread. The cheddar is going worldwide and it raises the standard of cheddar in this locale. In any case, cheddar dishes are unquestionably an absolute necessity attempt in West Sikkim by and large.


Another mainstream Sikkimese egg noodle dish starting from Tibet is Thukpa or Gya-think. It's said to be hot, with vegetables or meat in meat-based juice.

Tibetan Bread

Tibetan bread can come in various sizes and styles. The one I attempted is a kind of skillet flatbread with a hard external outside and thick delicate inside. Its flavor is essential, with a trace of olive oil. I wouldn't keep in touch with home about it, yet it very well may fill staple for a trekking trip. You can have this with various sorts of side dishes to give it flavor and make it all the more filling. For this situation, I had it with Yak cheddar (presented beneath).

Yak Cheese

Yak cheddar is creamier and higher in protein, fat, and supplements than cheddar produced using dairy animals drain. Yaks are found in high elevation locales in the Himalayas. Frequently areas like Sikkim will likewise have yak cheddar confections or cut 3D squares of solidified cheddar for local people, mountain dwellers and sherpas to suck on.


A well-known treat drink of India is lassi, an improved aged yogurt drink. It's a blend of dahi (otherwise known as yogurt) and drain and every so often flavors, sugar as well as bits of the organic product. You truly can't turn out badly with lassi and it's extraordinary probiotics for your stomach.


Sikkim has numerous neighborhood refineries and the privately made liquor is extremely shoddy. Chaang is a privately prepared mixed refreshment produced using aged millets, rice, and yeast. Chaang can be extremely strong. It is served in and tasted through a bamboo pipe. Who would've believed that matured oat can make you powerful?

Chhurpi-Ningro Curry

As far back as I began to look all starry eyed at fiddlehead plants in Sarawakian wilderness dishes, Chhurpi-Ningro Curry is a Sikkimese dish I wish I had the chance to attempt. Being raised in the mountains, local people love to eat assortments of mountain greeneries. Ningro curry is a mix of high fiddlehead plants sauteed and mixed with a chhurpi (a kind of cheddar) curry. Sounds yummy!

Intriguing Dishes that are an unquestionable requirement attempt in Darjeeling:

Dalle (Special Darjeeling Spicy Pickles)

For those with an affection for hot bean stew seasons, this is an unquestionable requirement attempt. Arranged with red round bean stew, mustard oil, flavors, and salt and generally cured with vinegar, these pickles are sold in glass bottles and show up as fiery bundles of red suspended in a rosy sauce. Note that they are fiery hot, yet similarly fulfilling and the excessively hot chutneys presented with momos and thukpa are normally made with this Dalle pickles.

Naga Thali

Bona fide Naga dishes are found wherever in Darjeeling as there are few Naga family which conveyed the kinds of their territory to this city. This Naga Platter or Thali typically comprises of rice, dried or aged bamboo shoots, presented with a decision of chicken dish or fish or pork, a side of Ghee (cleared up margarine) and pickles.

Note that the aged bamboo shoots accompany a particular smell and enhance and may not be for everybody, but rather in the event that you genuinely appreciate experimenting with new tastes, it is unquestionably worth an attempt. The Naga Platter is a well-known pick among the voyagers of Darjeeling.

Kakra ko Achar and Kinema

Another assortment of pickles and a nearby most loved among the Nepali populace, this dish says it in the name! Achar means pickle. Kakra ko achar is set up with julienned cucumbers and is, even more, a fiery serving of mixed greens than pickle. The fundamental fixings incorporate long segments of cucumber, sesame seeds, garlic, green chilies and salt to taste. Kinema is a pickle of aged soybeans.

Nepali Thali

Nearly taking after the Bengali partner, the Nepali Thali comprises of a full dinner served on a plate that incorporates a few things like – dal (lentil soup), bubbled rice (bhaat), tarkari (blended regular vegetables), achaar (pickles) or chutney, papad, curd and a sweet. One can complement this with a decision of chicken or some other meat dish, more often than not as a curry. While the dishes are practically like the quintessential Bengali supper, the utilization of flavors changes gently and adds an alternate flavor to the dishes.

Bengali Thali

Numerous Bengalis have come to settle at Darjeeling bearing nearness to their local towns, particularly from Siliguri. Along these lines, numerous neighborhood eateries serve luxurious full Bengali thalis here. They are practically like the recently examined Nepali thalis, yet typically incorporate three courses of combinations, the remainder of which is either a fish dish or a meat curry contingent upon your decision.

A couple of different things one must attempt in Darjeeling include:

Churpee – a drain based tidbit produced using dairy animals' drain or yak's drain. It's a cheddar found in both delicate and hard frame. They are solid tidbits and are normally presented with Niagara.

Saphale – Tibetan stuffed bread with meat. Can be eaten with curries or chutney or vegetables.

Sael Rotis – for the most part not found in eateries or diners, a delicacy of Nepal typically made at home on exceptional events is level bread made with rice flour and after that pan fried. Presented with spread or cheddar or chutney.

Tongba – is a nearby mix of lager, arranged from matured millets and yeast. Typically contains no liquor yet can be somewhat inebriating in expansive amounts.

Aside from the previously mentioned dishes, additionally try Darjeeling oranges out as they are acclaimed for being the best kind.