Multi Countries Tours Package

Why visit just one of the precious Himalayan countries when you can visit two or three? India,Nepal, and Bhutan are three countries that have deep-rooted, intriguing histories. They are each special in their own way.

Nepal is a cultural wonderland, with over 100 ethnic groups and even more languages. This small, landlocked country and a seemingly infinite number of things to do. From the instant you arrive in Kathmandu until the moment you hop on the plane to leave, you will be in constant amazement. It is a sensory overload with colors, tastes, smells, and noises that give Kathmandu the allure that it has. While in Nepal, spend a lot of time wandering the capital city and exploring its ancient kingdoms (Kathmandu Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square) – with incredible stone and wood Newari architecture. Also, a trip to Nepal would not be possible without some mountain vistas, so we make a trip to Nagarkot, where Mount Everest (8848 meters) and most of the Himalayan mountain range can be seen!

In Darjeeling and Sikkim, explore the mountains and monasteries that are unlike anywhere else in India, or the world for that matter. In Darjeeling, you will get an experience that goes beyond that of the average tourist. You will visit hillside village after hillside village and explore everything in between. From elegant monasteries, to stunning mountain views, Darjeeling and provides unforgettable experience. Sikkim is equally amazing. In Gangtok, the capital and largest city of Sikkim, we find a sense of inner peace as you explore more elaborate monastic centers and even more close-up views of the world’s tallest peaks. Driving on the hilly roads in between leaves you at the edge of your seat, excited for the next destination. Tucked away in the northeast corner of India, is a truly magical land. We invite you to discover its secrets with us!

The tiny, mysterious kingdom of Bhutan is another destination of our Multi-Country Tours. The original name Bhutan may have evolved from the Sanskrit word 'Bhotant' meaning ' the end of Tibet' or from 'Bhu-uttan' meaning ' highland'. This phrase gets thrown around a lot, but Bhutan is truly a unique country. Its lengthy history consists of warlord, feuds, fortresses, and castles. The giant palaces and monasteries are still there to prove it! Bhutan’s modern history is just as amazing, full of intriguing festivals, rituals, and extraordinary pageantry.  Also, the mythologies and teachings of Buddhism are deeply woven into Bhutan’s culture and architecture, which visitors find fascinating. In fact, Bhutan as known as the last domain of Tantric Buddhism.

While you are in this mystical corner of the world, you might as well make the most of it! Have the adventure of a lifetime by visiting not just one but several of these distinctly beautiful countries! If you would like to tweak the itinerary (i.e. stay longer in one country or another), let us know!

Enjoy the treasures of these three marvelous countries anytime of the year!! Just be aware of the climate that each season brings with it. Even the tourism off-seasons, though, mean less tourists, which is a bonus.