Responsible Travels

Ashmita Trek and Tours having license under the Department of Tourism Govt of West Bengal (INDIA), the company is governed by professionals who have trek leadership experience.  The trained team is fully dedicated towards our clients’ service who are HMI (Himalayan Mountaineering Institute) license holders, more confident to provide you the experience in trekking in the land of Himalayas that will remain for the rest of your lifetime.  Our company has grown over the years and is highly confident to bring outstanding services to our clients throughout their trip without any discomfort and unusual hassle.

The company is made not only for the progress or benefit but also in favor of the unemployed to support them financially by using their trekking experiences as guides. The local porters have no regular jobs as they depend only in the pottering work.  We try to fulfill their needs by giving them the opportunity to work with us.  Still we are planning to do some more things for the welfare of the society.  If you are planning to visit in the land of Himalayas through us then we promise to make your trip more excellent and memorable.

The best thing we at Ashmita Trek & Tours do is to provide employment to the local people by using them as your crew on our trekking.  Most of our field staff is from the mountain villages of Darjeeling, Sikkim,  Nepal and other places. This has made Ashmita a salad bowl of many races of people in the Himalayas. They look different, speak different languages and have different cultural backgrounds.  Despite the differences once outdoors everything melts away and what remains is just the spirit for adventure.