Pelling Yuksom Tashiding Home Stay Trek in Sikkim | Trekkers Review | Ashmita Trek and Tours

Our guest Mis, Dominique from Spain and Mis, Elizabeth from France have complete this Pelling Tuksom and Tasiding home stay trek went with happy memory and sharing there experience with us.

About Trek For the most authentic cultural experience in northeast India, take our Homestay Trek in Sikkim (Village to Village). Live the life of local villagers and gain knowledge about their lifestyle, while enjoying the pristine beauty of the rolling green hills and massive mountain peaks. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the village lifestyle. Time moves slower, and there is no rush to be anywhere. The anxieties and worries that you carry with you will disappear each day on the trail. Realize that the trivial problems of everyday life are quite small in the grand scheme of your lifetime. You will become present on the trail and feel a sense of inner peace. By the end of the Homestay Trek in Sikkim (Village to Village), you might just want to stay!

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