Sikkim Dzongri Trek 2021 | Client Testimonials | Indian Himalaya with Ashmita Trek and Tours

The Indian Himalaya offers trekkers seeking trails away from the crowds extraordinary walking opportunities, particularly the Sikkim Dzongri Trek.

About The Trek :

For those with little time and less inclination to undergo the rigours of hard mountain trekking, a trek up to the meadows ofSikkim Dzongri trek will offer the benefits of having experienced a truly spectacular alpine trek within a span of a week (or even less). The trail runs through moss-laden forests of oak, chestnut, pine, maple, magnolia and rhododendron culminating in the meadows ofDzongriat 4,030 meters with exceptional mountain views. It is a naturalist's paradise. These forests harbor hundreds of varieties of wild plants, exotic orchids vie for attention with equally spectacular varieties of birds and butterflies. Some of the animals found along this trail are the Himalayan Black Bear, Barking Deer, Musk Deer, Marbled Cat, Langur and the Red Panda. The program described below is planned for 8 days but it is possible to bring it down 5 days but depends also upon your fitness.

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