Inside the Hustling and Bustling Streets of Thamel

  • Jun 7, 2020
  • Ashmita Trek & Tours

Thamel is the core of Nepal's travel industry. It is where tourists get all that they need. This place is a brilliant and wonderful blend of shops, boutique bistros, trekking apparatus, and rainbow supplication banners. Ason Bazaar, Durbar Square, Samakhushi, and Swayambhunath are significant 10 to 30 minutes stroll from Thamel.

Thamel is a 15 to 20-minute stroll from the main point of Kathmandu. This territory has as of late risen as the most well-known traveler zone of Kathmandu. Thamel has clean thin boulevards loaded with mushrooming lodges, inns for spending explorers. There are around a hundred inns situated in Thamel.

Eateries, bars, and other shops can be seen clamoring with exercises. In Thamel, you'll never be shy of thoughts regarding where to eat. Each couple of paces, you'll discover someplace prestigious for its delightful dishes and comfortable feel. During the evening, Thamel is a twinkling mass of shaded lights, paper lamps, and neon eatery signs.

Thamel begins in the south at a little place called Tahiti Tole. In the west, you locate the fundamental road Kantipath, where the standard traveler transports to Pokhara begin promptly in the first part of the day.

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Things to do in Thamel

In the rundown underneath, we've incorporated the absolute most fascinating activities with regards to Thamel. Thamel may look swarmed and jumbled yet there are significantly more fascinating things to be found with regards to the city.

Shopping & Market

Enjoy a reviving and supporting background for psyche, body, and soul. Treat yourself to the joys of a loosening up the back rub, shiatsu, fragrance based treatment, magnificence treatment, and different others in Thamel.

Entertainment & Nightlife

Celebrate the good life in Thamel. Look at snazzy bars and clubs or hit the gambling club. Thamel is the primary Entertainment locale of Kathmandu. It is the point of convergence of the nightlife in Kathmandu.

Spa & Fitness

Indulge in a rejuvenating and nourishing experience for mind, body, and soul. Treat yourself to the pleasures of a relaxing massage, shiatsu, aromatherapy, beauty treatment and various others in Thamel.

Eating out

Unwind in bistros! Experience scrumptious cooking at sharp eateries! There are several eateries, bistros, and coffeehouses in Thamel serving Nepali-Western dishes.


There's continually something occurring in Thamel that you can find to spend your day around.

Thamel & Surrounds

Thamel is a phenomenal base from which to investigate the many fascinating areas of the encompassing locale. Investigate Mandala Street, Basantapur, Durbarmarg and Newroad for shopping.

Shops in Thamel

From Kashmiri rugs to trekking shafts and yak-drain cleanser, Thamel offers the best gathering of shops in the nation. Bring an additional pack (or get one here!) and stock up at an early stage Christmas presents.

Flavors Plenty of shops and grocery stores in Thamel move little bundles of flavors, from momo blends to chai flavors, or go to Asan Tole, where local people purchase their crisply ground masalas.

Weaving Sewing machines around Thamel whirr away late into the night adding logos and Tibetan images to coats, caps, and T-shirts. Trekkers can commission identifications and T-shirts honoring their fruitful trek or even get a business logo made.

Gems Kathmandu is an incredible place for adornments, especially silver. Get it instant, request that the gem specialist make a plan for you or acquire something you might want to be duplicated. The cost of silver is cited per tola (11.7g) in the day by day paper.

Manikins make great presents for youngsters and are made in Bhaktapur just as different focuses. They're regularly of multi-outfitted gods gripping minimal wooden weapons in each hand. The manikin heads might be made of effectively broken earth or increasingly solid paper mâché.

Pashminas shawl or scarf produced using fine pashmina is a well-known purchase. The expense of a shawl relies upon the level of pashmina in the blend and from which part of the goat's body the hair began, beginning from the least expensive back fleece and ascending through the gut and chest to neck hair, which is around multiple times more costly than back hair. The least expensive shawls are a 70/30% cotton/pashmina mix, silk-pashmina mixes cost around 30% more and unadulterated pashmina shawls go from around US$50 to US$275 for a best end ring shawl (named in light of the fact that they are fine enough to be pulled through a finger ring; otherwise called a water shawl).

Tea Ilam, Ont, Kenyan, and Mai Valley teas are the best Nepali teas, from the east of the nation close Darjeeling. Hope to pay anything from Rs 600 (in Ilam) to Rs 3000 (in Thamel) per kilogram for good Ilam tea. The incredibly named 'superfine tipi brilliant fancy orange pekoe' tea is about at least somewhat great. Experts pick the main (March) or second (May) flush, as opposed to the substandard storm flush. Lemon tea seasoned with lemongrass is another top pick, as is pre-spiced masala tea.

Garments There are heaps of out of control fleece caps, felt packs, weaved T-shirts, jumpers and so forth, especially on the winding street known as Saat Ghumti. Continuously attempt garments on before giving over the money. Inconceivably adorable infant estimated North Face wools and down coats are difficult to cruise by.

Supplication hails The best place to purchase is the road before the Kathesimbhu Stupa south of Thamel. Pick between less expensive polyester and better-quality cotton hails and recall, this is your karma that we are discussing.

Traverse to Ason market to find any local goods

How frequently have you crossed Ranipokhari (Queen's Pond) in focal Kathmandu without giving quite a bit of an idea to the recorded milestones proliferating everywhere throughout the territory? On the off chance that you are a visitor, odds are that you have set living arrangement in or around Thamel, the traveler center point of the capital, thus you more likely than not gone by Ranipokhari ordinarily on your approach to Thamel.

Truth be told, on the off chance that you are a clever visitor, you ought to ask about the easy route through Ason Bazaar, a short distance far from Ranipokhari. The old bazaar has a bunch of back streets prompting the traveler to focus, and I guarantee you, walking around these rear ways will undoubtedly give you a quicker knowledge to the nearby way of life, other than making you mindful of the vast number of items, a great piece of them being foodstuff, that is sold in the various shops of the bazaar.

It is additionally a reality that, in spite of the fact that the capital has turned out to be such a broad city, there are still a significant number things that are to be discovered just in the shops here, particularly ceremonial things utilized in numerous religious and celebratory events.

At the end of the day, you'll get whatever it is you're searching for, that is without a doubt. This may influence you to accept that Ason Bazaar is just a bazaar abounding with merchandise, however, it's more than that. It is the verifiable, social, and business focus of Kathmandu Valley. This is the place you get the chance to encounter genuine Kathmandu. In this way, scramble toward the bazaar that is 'simply there.'

 Best Restaurants & Cafes in Thamel

There are many magnificent and not all that incredible, restaurants and bistros in Kathmandu. You will rapidly discover your top picks yet meanwhile, here are a portion of our top picks for you in Thamel and Durbar Marg Area:


  • Dechenling Garden Restaurant, Thamel
  • Rosemary Kitchen & Coffee Shop
  • Blueberry Kitchen & Coffee Shop
  • Kathmandu Steak House Restaurant
  • Kathmandu Grill Restaurent & Wine Bar
  • Places Restaurant & Bar
  • Places Restaurant, Thamel
  • OR2K, Thamel
  • Fire and Ice, Thamel  
  • Mezze, Durbar Marg
  • The Chimney, Yak and Yeti Hotel, Durbar Marg
  • Gaia Restaurant & Coffee Shop
  • Yak Restaurant


  • Himalaya Java Coffe Thamal
  • Places Restaurant
  • Roadhouse Cafe, Thamel
  • Garden of Dreams - Cafe
  • Imagio De
  • Curio Café
  • Tings Tea Lounge
  • Chikusa Café
  • Black Olives Cafe
  • Kaiser Cafe

Book Stores in Thamel

Regardless of whether it's a manual or novel deciphered from Nepali, a trekking map or an image book for children, there's a bookshop in Kathmandu to suit your requirements. Peruse Culture Trip's manual for the most peruse commendable bookshops in the Nepali capital.

Second-hand bookshops and guide shops are very common in the visitor center of Thamel. Be that as it may, in case you're searching for something more obscure (or needn't bother with another very much thumbed duplicate of Into Thin Air or The Snow Leopard), there are a lot of different shops around the city moving books in the English dialect.

 Along these lines, these are probably the best bookshops you can discover in Thamel:

  • Explore Book service
  • Nepal Book Depot
  • Sagun Bookshop
  • Grand Book Shop
  • Summit Book Shop
  • Pilgrims Book House
  • Tibet Book Store
  • Pilgrims Book House