Enchey Monastery in Sikkim

The quiet place of spiritual solace has lots to offer. Though it is smaller and less architecturally fascinating than Rumtek Monastery, many say that the spiritual feeling is stronger, more visceral, at Enchey Monastery. Legend has it that Lama DhrupthobKarpo, a beloved lama and tantric, founded the monastery in 1840. He was thought to have supernatural powers, including the ability to fly.Nestled in a forest on a hill, the placeblesses visitors with both spiritual and natural charm. The modest monastery is sure to enchant anyone that visits. During prayer time, find men of all ages (even young boys) reciting incantations of sacred Buddhist texts. The chanting puts you in a trance, and the rest of the day you may just end up in a deep state of contemplation and self-reflection.

Enchey Monastery is a scenic walk or a short taxi ride from the center of Gangtok. For anyone who wants to be spiritually uplifted, Enchey Monastery is your best bet. If you can come during the monastery’s days of special prayer and festivities, you certainly should! They happen during the 18th and 19th days of the 12th lunar months of the Tibetan calendar, which fall sometime during January and February each year. Watch as colorful, masked monks dance to vibrant music! Ask us at Ashmita Trek & Tours for more information!