Batasia Loop in Darjeeling

The Batasia Loop is a 100-year-oldcircular train track surrounded by a spectacular mountain vista. Without a doubt, this is the most scenic stretch of the toy train route. Located on Hill Cart Road (NH 55), the Batasia Loop lies about 5 kilometers outside of Darjeeling and is well worth the walk or drive. The loop is noted for its unique design allows the train to circle around itself, exposing riders to a 360-degree view of the rippling hills and towering peaks, including the marvelous peak of Kanchenjunga (8586 meters). In the middle of the loop is a lush garden of lovely blooming flowers and shrubs. The views are best seen during the autumn and spring, but you should definitely check out the Batasia Loop regardless of the time of year that you visit! Take our Darjeeling City Day Tour or any of our longer tours that include a sightseeing trip in Darjeeling to visit the Batasia Loop! Don’t miss this marvelous train during your Darjeeling visit!