Ghum Monastery in Darjeeling

The picturesque Ghum Monastery is a charming little place with superb views on all sides. The monastery was built in 1850 by the Mongolian astrologer and monk SokpoSherabGyatso, who was head of the monastery until 1905. Ghum, not to be confused with Old Ghum Monastery, is located roughly 7 kilometers outside of Darjeeling on the way to/from Tiger Hill. Make it to the monastery early in the morning to receive blessings before you make the ascent to Tiger Hill and see one of the most majestic views of your lifetime. Also, there is a small café on the premises that opens early in the morning for coffee, tea, biscuits, and light vegetarian snacks. After listening to the monks pray, climb up some stairs to an open roof of a single storey building and be amazed at the view. See the awe-inspiring Kanchenjunga ahead of you and the expansive valleys below. If you’re going to Tiger Hill, do not miss this wonderful side trip!