Tea Garden in Darjeeling

You cannot leave Darjeeling without visiting one of its famous tea gardens. After strolling through the expansive, lush fields of tea, sip some of the world’s greatest tea with a scenic view of the plantation where it came from. For tea enthusiasts, Darjeeling is almost a pilgrimage site. Straight from the garden to your cup, choose between Darjeeling white tea, Darjeeling organic green tea, and/or Darjeeling oolong. Smell the pungent floral aroma while you sip your steamy hot cup of Darjeeling tea and experience some health benefits while doing so! There is no better place to try the delicious Darjeeling tea than the source itself. Some of the tea gardens in and around Darjeeling are: Happy Valley Tea Garden, Singtom Tea Estate and Resort, Glenburn Tea Estate, Margarets Hope Tea Garden, and more! Book a tour with Ashmita Trek & Tours to one or more of these tea gardens!