Annapurna Base Camp Trek in Spring (March to April), 2025 and 2026

  • Jun 21, 2024
  • Ashmita Trek & Tours

A journey amidst giant mountains, dense forests, and remote villages demands proper preparation that includes booking early, getting your mind & body ready for the trek, packing wisely, and of course, picking the right time to trek.

To give you a little context about the Annapurna base camp trek, it explores the Annapurna Himalaya range, northwest of Nepal. Annapurna region is a remote area with no means of transportation (unless you are taking a helicopter ride to some destinations). The locals live a very simple lifestyle, and modern comforts are very minimal along the trail.

The mobile network in the trekking area is not great. You do get chances to connect with the outer world every now and then, depending upon the weather condition. To sum up, you will be going off-grid during the Annapurna base camp trekking.

The trail goes from 1,070 meters (Nayapul) to the base of the tenth-highest mountain in the world, 4,130 meters (Annapurna Base Camp). The rise in elevation brings climatic change, diverse vegetation, and rugged terrain. Traversing the Himalayas at the right time ensures a very fantastic trek experience, stable weather, and breathtaking mountain panorama. 

Nepal has four seasons- winter, spring, summer/monsoon, and autumn. The winter and summer last long, and these two seasons are off time for trekking. Spring and autumn is the best time to trek in the Annapurna region given the perfect weather conditions. Trekking in winter and summer/monsoon is only possible to some extent and if you are right on time. 

In this blog, we'll provide you with all the information regarding the Annapurna base camp trek in spring (March to April), but before that, read below to understand the general weather situation of Nepal.

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Winter - Winter begins in early December and lasts till late February. November and March are transitional periods, therefore the weather in these two months is fantastic. Trekking to Annapurna base camp in winter is only viable if you choose the early days of the season. Trekking in late December to February involves high risks of avalanches, trail blockages, tea houses getting closed, and extreme cold.

Spring - Spring lasts from March to April. May is the transitional month to summer, so the early days are great for trekking. Annapurna base camp trek in spring is most suitable. The teeming greenery and rhododendron make the region spectacular. Nature will be at its best, and the landscapes jaw-dropping. Clear visibility, pleasant climate, and the bustle of travelers from around the world make the Annapurna base camp trekking out of this world.

Summer/Monsoon - Summer in Nepal begins in May and lasts till late September. The lower belt, the Terai region, sees a high temperature till early November. Monsoon, the highest rainfall period, is seen between July to September. But given the hot and humid climate of these months, you can expect rainfall before May & June too. The weather is very unstable and results in frequent cancellations & delays in domestic flights. Likewise, the trekking routes around the Himalayas have high risks of landslides.

Autumn - Autumn, October to November, is the second best time for trekking in Nepal. These two months are the transitional period to winter. Talking about the weather, it is mostly stable. The climate begins to cool down and welcomes hundreds of seasonal vegetation. All the rainfall clears out any pollution, and the air has a very refreshing essence to it. Many trekkers hit the ABC trail. It gets all jolly and thrilling again.

Now let's talk more in detail about the Annapurna base camp trek in March/April (Spring)

Annapurna base camp trek in spring

Annapurna base camp trekking involves traveling through distinct climatic zones, so be mindful and understand that the weather & temperature will differ from one village to another. The overall weather may remain similar throughout the trail, with a little more warmth in some places and a little more cold climate in others. 

You will be walking in the Annapurna Conservation Area, so expect a lot of seasonal plants, animals, and birds. The crystal clear sky, dazzling mountain views, cascading waterfalls, and rushing rivers all make the trek phenomenal. 

The best way to prepare for the trek is to pack a few pieces of every kind of clothing. Pack a couple of warm pieces, windbreakers, sweatproof, and light pieces. The temperature ranges between 2°C to 17°C.

Annapurna base camp trek in March

March is the beginning of spring. The climate still is on the colder side even though the daytime is sunny. The snow on the trails begins to melt, and life begins to bloom. The weather once again starts to stabilize after a long dark winter in the Himalayas. 

Lower parts of the country may see a few transitional rainfalls, but it will not affect trekking to Annapurna base camp. Travelers from all over the world begin to arrive in Kathmandu, so the atmosphere is quite amusing even on the trail.

Annapurna base camp temperature in March

On average the day temperature ranges between 4°C to 17°C, ranging from 4,130 meters to 800 meters. The maximum temperature may touch up to 21°C. The nights and mornings are comparatively colder, so carry a sleeping bag for an additional layer of wair,


Elevation (m)        

Avg. Temp (degree C).   

Min. Temp (degree C)

Min. Temp.(degree C)



                   Pokhara         800           17       -2       21             42
                  Ghorepani        2874           7.5       1.5       13.6             39
                 Chhomrong        2170           7        -3         10             42
         Annapurna Base Camp       4130           4        -16         8             39

Annapurna base camp trek in April

By April, the climate gets quite warm. You can still feel a hint of cold in the air, which makes it very refreshing. The climate at the upper elevation of the Annapurna base camp trail is still colder than in Kathmandu, Pokhara, or the lower part of the trekking route. 

There will be no obstruction in the views, and it begins to get long but not as summer. The vegetation is grown to the max at this point, making the trail beautiful.

Annapurna base camp temperature in April

The average temperature in April ranges between 2°C to 13°C, ranging from 4,130 meters to 800 meters. The maximum temperature may touch up to 24°C. The climate is mild, neither too hot nor too cold. A sleeping bag is recommended in April too.




    Avg. Temp

    (degree C)

     Min. Temp

    (degree C)

    Min. Temp

    (degree C)



                Pokhara          800            13           2          24           48
               Ghorepani        2874           10           1         21           48


        2170          10.3          -0.5         21           48
     Annapurna Base Camp         4130             2            -9         14              8

Clear Views of the Panoramic Himalayas

One of the biggest highlights of the Annapurna base camp trek is the western Himalayan mountains. This trek lets you witness a mesmerizing panorama of the Annapurna range (8,091 m), Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167 m), Fishtail (6,993 m), and Nilgiri (7,061 m). Many other peaks, like Lamjung Himal (6,983 m), Hiunchuli (6,441 m), Gangapurna (7,455 m), Tharpu Chuli (5,695 m), etc, are seen along the way. 

Not only the mountains but the verdant river valleys, picturesque villages, lovely waterfalls, and tempting long-hanging bridges all make the view phenomenal. Every village will let you relish a distinct landscape.

Colors of March and April

As you may have realized that the Annapurna base camp trekking is within the Annapurna Conservation Area. Annapurna Conservation Area is a protected area that houses numerous flora and fauna. The trekking route goes through the lush forests of rhododendron, bamboo, pine, oak, juniper, etc. You will be ascending from the subtropical to the alpine region. 

The vast difference in geography and climatic conditions lets you explore a range of plants and flowers. Likewise, you may come across mountain animals and birds. The trail is specially packed with colorful rhododendrons. The greenery is fantastic too. The evening sky will be much more colorful and pretty than you can imagine with snow-capped mountains.

Travel advice for your trek to the Annapurna base camp in March and April

  • March to April is a very famous temple for the Annapurna base camp trekking. Therefore, you'll see a huge crowd on the trail. Now to avoid it, we recommend you be early or late.
  • Reserve your flight to Nepal as soon as you can once we send you a trip confirmation mail. If you arrive in Kathmandu earlier than the given date, you have to cover the additional stay expenses.  
  • Keep 4 to 5 weeks on hand for preparation if possible. You need to make your body ready for 6 hours of walking daily on mountainous terrain.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water while trekking, and include soup in your meals. 
  • Maintain your pace. You do not have to rush to keep up with the group or reach the resting point. It will help you to complete the trek without getting burned out.
  • There can be occasional showers, or you may see fluctuations in the weather. Be prepared gear-wise. 
  • Take ample sleep and rest as much as you can. Also, stretch before and after completing the trek to relieve any sore muscles. 
  • Carry quick-drying base layers. 
  • Keep extra Nepali cash to use during the trek to get additional services not covered in the package cost. Also, have some emergency funds with you.

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