Let's Get Into the Wilderness of Nepal

  • Jun 8, 2020
  • Ashmita Trek & Tours

Do you want to experience the genuine wildlife of Nepal?

Or then again would you say,

You are craving for the vast delight of "Being One with Nature" in the immaculate Himalayas?

Give a tad break to your fixation and be in the natural excellence of Nepal. Envision yourself the enormous pleasure of hitting the dance floor with wild creatures, fowls and pristine wild of Nepal. Explore the profound woods, well known national parks, uncommon settlement areas, rivers, neighboring towns, and impressive mountain views. There are different approaches to experience the wild of Nepal.

Table of Contents

Chitwan National Park :

Chitwan National Park is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Nepal to get close to the wildlife. This World Heritage– recorded to hold more than 932 sq km of backwoods, marshland, and field containing rare wildlife, making it a standout amongst the best national parks to observe untamed life in Asia. You'll have a brilliant possibility of spotting one-horned rhinos, deer, monkeys and a portion of the in excess of 500 types of birds.

In case you're very fortunate, you may detect a panther, wild elephant or sloth bear, however, it's the ideal opportunity to recognize a glorious illustrious Bengal tiger that is the chief fascination. You'll likewise get the opportunity to encounter tamed elephants, albeit how that connection happens is presently experiencing a change in perspective driven by every living creature's common sense entitlement concerns. There is an everyday affirmation expense that is typically packaged into the general expense of a visit.

Things to do in Chitwan National Park :

Are you natural life lover, at that point Chitwan National Park is the most thrilling place you will ever be, the place where you will see the quietest and wonderful dusks ever.

Here is the list of activities you can do in the Chitwan National Park:

Chitwan Jungle Safari :

The Chitwan Jungle Safari will allow you to explore the dense forest of Chitwan whether you decide to explore the wilderness in a jeep or by an elephant. You may spot one-horned rhinos, deer and crocodiles, or different types of birds and plants on this exceptional experience.

Elephant Breeding Centre (Sauraha) :

Do you appreciate watching and finding out about the exercises of elephants?

Then, this place is perfect for you. At the national park, you can see, how elephants breed, eat and go through their day. There is additionally a little exhibition hall about infant elephants to appreciate. This center was built up to ensure jeopardized elephants.

Bish Hajar Taal Trip :

Bis Hazari Lake will let you unwind in the tranquility of lakes and see rare birds. Visiting Bish Hajar Tall will give you the best understanding of your life. You may see different types of birds alongside crocodiles and rhinos at the lake, which for nature darlings is the best put in Chitwan.

Elephant games and shows :

Chitwan is a place where you can watch different elephant sports, including football, running and magnificence competitions. This is a surprising opportunity and a prominent activity in Chitwan.

Lamo Falls :

Lamo falls is the best place to go, being sixty meters tall, set against green vistas, and with such a lovely drop it senses that it is from a different universe. Getting a look of Lamo Falls is one of the cool activities to do in Chitwan.

Other fun activities and sights to see in Chitwan Nepal :

  • Visit Sauraha Tharu Culture House (Sauraha) and appreciate the old expressions
  • Catch a look at Sauraha Art Gallery (Sauraha)
  • Enjoy the wilderness investigation through Camel Safari (Sauraha)
  • Catch a look at Rhino Statue, Elephant Statue
  • Visit nearby villages to experience the cultural dance of Tharus and their way of living

Bardia National Park :

Bardia National Park is the biggest national park in the Terai, a delightful, pristine wild region of sal backwoods, field and alluvial valleys cut by the numerous fingers of the Karnali River. To a great extent uninhabited, which usually portrayed as what Chitwan National Park resembled 30 years prior, before its business improvement.

The recreation center is located in the Maoist rebellion of the 1990s. The travel industry evaporated, lodges were left and natural life was hit hard by poaching, especially the number of rhino. Fortunately, this harm is currently being switched, with 31 rhino being tallied in 2014, and five more moved from Chitwan in 2017.

The national park includes more than 400 species of birds, the rare Bengal florican and Sarus Crane. Moreover, this place is a paradise for birds lovers.  You can also do fishing on the Karnali or Babai river, which is recorded to have 125 species of fish including the golden mahseer.

Moreover, the region also has beautiful countryside where one can experience the lifestyle, culture, and tradition of the native, Tharu people. Cycling, walking, and a motorbike tour is the best way to explore the region. This is a place where time stood still. You can join farming, dancing, and cooking with the locals.