Tips on How to be Kind to the Environment While Trekking in India

  • Sep 5, 2022
  • Ashmita Trek & Tours

The craze for eco friendly treks in India is increasing day by day. Whenever people find a few days off from their hectic office schedule, they love to do sustainable trekking in India. India has a lot to offer to trek enthusiast and hence in the last few years, we have seen a lot of people across the globe enjoy their trekking in Himalayas.

However, in today’s blog post we are not going to discuss the dreamy Indian trek destinations, in fact, we are here to discuss a serious topic like how to save the Himalayas? With the increase in the number of people trekking in India, the concern for deteriorating the Indian Himalayas has also been raised. The hiking trails have become so over-saturated and above that people throw waste, garbage, and also pee and poop near the camping site, this all has raised serious concerns for damaging the Himalayas.

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Eco Friendly Treks in India: How?

In this blog post, we have shared some tips that everyone should follow to make sure that they are not doing any harm to the utmost beauty of nature. Here are some tips on how to do sustainable trekking in India?

Use Only Disposable Paper Products

Rather than always using a paper tissue to clean your hands, try washing your hands with minimum water. Also, ensure even if you use paper tissue then you carry it back with yourself.

Carry Reusable Things

While trekking in Himalayas at high altitudes, make sure you carry reusable water bottles. Plastic bottles are a big no-no as the empty bottles thrown there will take ages to lose in the debris. You have to take responsibility and make no such move that can in any capacity harm Mother Nature. Try to carry those things along with you that you can use and reuse again and again.

Carry Reusable Things

Be Responsible : Bring Back Everything That You Carry Along With Yourself

Carry back all the things that you had carried along with you to successfully do a sustainable trek in India. You are going on a trek to explore the extreme natural beauty of Mother Nature, do not damage it with your immature behaviour. Be responsible, take a bag along with you and keep putting all your non-biodegradable waste in that bag and carry it back to the start of the trekking place and then dispose it in a proper manner.

Clean Camping

Make sure whenever you pack from the campsite, you leave the site neat and clean. Consider the camp as your home and you never leave your home untidy, do you? This will also give a neat and clean campsite to the next batch of trekkers and also preserve the natural beauty of the mighty Himalayas and promote eco friendly trekking.

Dig and Poop

This might sound funny but this is what you exactly need to do if you want to do sustainable trekking in Himalayas. Dig your own small pit in the sand in the mountains and poop there, once done cover the pit with the sand.

The adventure of trekking in the mountains is absolutely blissful but tries to indulge yourself in such habits that are harmless for both- You and Nature. The great Himalayas offers us so much that we can never return the same back but all that we can do is, preserve what we have got. Trekking is not just about hiking the high-altitude mountains but it is also about leaving no trace of your presence and leaving the place undisturbed.