Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath Stupa lies around 7 km east of the downtown area, and it is said to be the biggest stupa on the planet. It stands 40 m high and has a distance across of somewhere in the range of 100 meters. Otherwise called Kahasti Chaitya, Boudhanath is the holiest Buddhist site in the nation. A pyramid remains at the highest point of the vault on which are painted according to Buddha in red, white, and blue. The expansive arch is based on a three-layered base around which is a circumambulatory way with lines of petition wheels just as 108 Buddhist gods.

Cloisters of each of the four schools of Mahayana Buddhism are to be found inside the stupa premises. Celebrations like Lhosar are praised with much energy here. As per specialists, King Manadeva was the one to construct the Stupa amid the Licchavi time frame after which it experienced a few redesigns in the Seventeenth Century.

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