Pashupatinath Temple

On the banks of the Bagmati River one of the holiest sites of Hindus is located, Pashupatinath Temple. Many religious ceremonies, for example, Maha Shivaratri, Teej Akshaya, Sankranti, Rakshabandhan are celebrated here hugely every year. The pagoda style sanctuary is luxuriously ornamented and it houses the sacrosanct Lingum (phallic image of Shiva), which has four faces and goes back to the Fourteenth Century.

Confronting the front of the sanctuary is a 300-year-old bronze figure of Nandi, Shiva's carrier, the bull. Behind the sanctuary is the Aryaghat, the incineration ground where all Hindus of Nepal try to be incinerated when their time comes. The complex has numerous different sanctuaries committed to different divine beings.

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