Ravangla South Sikkim

On the way to Yaksum and Pelling lies this little town with a peaceful ambience and sensational mountain views. People are just starting to take notice to Ravangla, which before had simply been a drive-through as people drove further into West Sikkim. For those who make the stop, you will be pleasantly surprised. The main attraction is Buddha Park, a gorgeous garden with a massive 130-foot (40 meters) statue of Buddha as the centerpiece. An unmatched view of the Himalayas exists as the backdrop.
Driving by Buddha Park on your way to West Sikkim, you just have to stop, snap some photos, and recognize the greatness of this spot. Nearby is the Ralang Monastery, an enormous monastic center with a powerful spiritual atmosphere. Ravangla is also a bird watcher’s paradise. Multicolored Himalayan birds of all shapes and sizes make their home in the forests around Ravangla. Spend a day in the forest and you will see assortments of birds that you never knew existed. See brilliantly colored feathers and hear unique calls that you have never heard before! Ravangla is a perfect place to lose track of time and just go with the flow. Join us on our Tours in Sikkim and relax in Ravangla!
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