Zuluk East Sikkim

Surely you have seen the iconic photos of the winding roads that zigzag across the steeply sloped hill in East Sikkim. Do an internet search of Zuluk and you’ll recognize the image immediately. The unbelievable weaving switchback road leads to and through Zuluk, a hilltop transit point for the ancient Silk Road. The several dozen hairpin turns are an engineering feat and a doozy to actually drive through. Getting to Zuluk is half the fun.

Zuluk(10,100 feet) itself is a precious mountain hamlet that lies on the side of this incredible road. Only about 700 people reside here and get to enjoy the privilege of waking up to stunning views of Kanchenjunga and surrounding Himalayan peaks 365 days a year. Watching the sunrise from Thambi Viewpoint (11,200 feet) is a highlight of visiting Zuluk and must be taken advantage of. Watch the first glimmering rays of sun shine on the world’s third highest peak and other towering mountaintops. Then, head down to Nag Temple, which has a mysterious cave-like structure. The temple honors the deity of King Cobra, or Nag, a Hindu mythological god. You need to acquire a special permit to visit Zuluk, which we are happy to arrange for you. Contact us at Ashmita Trek & Tours for more information!