Tsomgo (Changu) Lake in Sikkim

At 12,400 feet, this pristine alpine lake is best natural wonder to visit in East Sikkim. Tsomgo Lake takes about 2 hours to get to from Gangtok. Enjoy the scenic drive up – it’s part of the adventure! Upon arrival, you will be blown away by the sheer beauty of the crystal blue waters, which lead up to the steep, rocky mountain’s edge. The lake is considered sacred by locals, made clear by the prayer wheels and shrine to Lord Shiva near the shore. Find some solitude and take some deep breaths. The glacial lake has a strong spiritual vibe, noted not only by locals, but also those visiting Tsomgo Lake for the first time.

Regardless of the time of year you visitTsomgo Lake, the scenery is spectacular. In the winter, the lake becomes frozen and the surrounding rocky hills have a light layer of snow – a picturesque winter scene. During the spring and summer, colorful rhododendrons, poppies, primulas, and irises begin to brilliantly bloom. In the fall, crisp mountain views can be seen in the distance. Check out our Tours in Sikkim page and experience the supreme beauty of Tsomgo Lake!