Yaksum West Sikkim

The historical town is a gem in West Sikkim. Established in 1642, Yaksum used to be the capital of Sikkim. The long, rich history is being continued by the culturally distinct Bhutias, who make up the majority of Yaksum’s population. For trekkers and adventure lovers, the town is notable because it is the gateway to Kanchenjunga National Park and a starting point for many treks.

Yaksum also has a power spiritual significance. The area has many Buddhist monasteries, each resting with a unique perspective of the gorgeous countryside. Some of these monastic centeres, including Dubdi Monastery, are several hundred years old! Also, nearby Yaksum is Khecheopalri Lake, the largest lake in Sikkim. Originally known as Kha-Chot-Palri, meaning the heaven of Padmasambhava, the lake is revered as sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists. The religious coexistence is beautiful to see and experience. It is said that if you visit Khecheopalri, your wishes will be granted. The best time to visit is during the two-day festival that happens during March or April (depending on the year), where hundreds of pilgrims come to pay homage. A ritual takes place where hundreds of butter lamps floating atop bamboo boats on the lake. It is quite a mystical experience!

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